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Reji Lefluer's original music blends Soul and Blues with an alternative Rock foundation into a sound that's been called "Gypsy Creole Soul" or "Seattle's New Rock" and represents a change in the music scene. Reji uses his unique guitar style and vocal swag to create a sound all of his own yet staying true to the art of traditional composition.


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   "Reji and crew took our festival to a whole new level. And on          stage, they shook our entire downtown core with stylish vocals  and a bass thump that demands to be taken seriously. Put 'em next  to anyone, and you'll still be impressed with Reji Lefluer. I can't  wait to see where the future takes this act."
--Kendall Weaver, Executive Producer, Yakima (WA) Music Festival

   "These guys were great, and with a unique and entertaining  sound. Great performance, outstanding, a true must see! I’m  looking forward to hearing more."
--Michael Fields, National Talent and Casting Agent (Seattle)
Keeping real music alive...